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Monkey Fist Brewing Co.

The atmosphere of Monkey Fist is unique offering activities for each of the flaming members at the Market Place.

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Monkey Fist Brewing Co.

Listen to the head brewer Joel share the past, present and future of Monkey Fist Brewing Co.  Monkey Fist is branded after the nautical knot, Monkey Fist.

Joel, brewer from Monkey Fist Brewing Co., is the Monkey Fist representative for this podcast.

Joel provides the listeners with how Monkey Fist Brewing Co began and the history of the name and the influences of the Ship Yard Brewing in Maine.  One of this breweries standard beer is Monkey Fist IPA, listen to the history of this beer.

Joel shares his home brewing experiences and how it brought him to Monkey Fist Brewing Co, he includes the roles of each brewing members at Monkey Fist.  He explains how Art & Joel’s collaboration evolves into the great beer that is brewed today.  Joel explains the differences between home brewing and commercial brewing.

Joel explains how Michigan influences the flavor of Monkey Fist Brewing Co.’s beer.  Joel complements other Michigan brewers for the attitude the brewers have for each other to share ideas, assistance in achieving the taste desired, including their expansion through distribution. 

Monkey Fist Brewing Co. has begun canning and distributing three months ago.  They are expanding into Saisons and a non-alcohol Beer. 

As a new craft beer drinker, how do you select the craft beer you prefer.  IPA, Saison, Lagar, Pilsner, Pale Ale?

Listen to this podcast and discover the future beer scheduled to be brewed at Monkey Fist in Traverse City.  A place to FIND YOUR BEER DRINK IT!

Monkey Fist Brewing Co. is located at 331 East State St.,Traverse City, MI

Our Story

Ivan Young and Diane Parks, owners of Young Parks, LLC, have always been fans of the craft beer experience. The craft beer culture is reminiscent of the sitcom "Cheers" from the 1980's. There is no pressure to order quickly because the table is not needed by another customer. Instead, when you arrive at a local craft brewery, you are welcomed and asked what type of beer you like. There's not much better than taking a real break from the craziness of the day to enjoy a beer that fits your palate.

Diane has over 20+ years working in technology, business and healthcare and Ivan also has a very active work history in healthcare, music and distribution. They decided to blend their talents in an effort to create two distinct products that allowed their love for the craft beer environment to be expressed. OTPodcast and the OnTap mobile app provide craft beer drinkers the ability to find their beer and drink it.

The OnTap mobile app will allow beer enthusiasts to locate where their favorite beers are on tap while also allowing them to obtain immediate information on community events, restaurants and other venues where specific beers are offered. Keep a look out for the OnTap Mobile app scheduled to launch during the winter of 2016.